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The Avenue also known as Panhandle was made at the same time as Golden Gate Park and it was originally the carriage entrance, to the park. The Panhandle also contains some of the oldest trees in Golden Gate Park. The most eastern part of the park through the Panhandle had a lot of clay that the city used to put down for the streets. That area was mostly rocky and in the Panhandle, it had very uneven surfaces. The park commissioner did not want these uneven surfaces so they got B. Kenny to do cutting for 4.5 cents per cubic yard and 6 cents per cubic yard for filling so that they could make it even as it is today. Then they had to start connecting the sewage system to the Panhandle because the eastern part of Golden Gate Park and the Panhandle were both on the edge of the watershed. That meant that parks water drained east to the ocean while the Panhandle drains east through the cities sewage system..