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Bernhardt E. Henriksen was born in San Francisco on April 19, 1851 to a Norwegian father, Benjamin, and a German mother, Henrietta. Best known for patenting an Automatic Safety Clutch for elevators in 1880, he was also a well-respected Victorian architect, designing many beautiful Victorians around San Francisco. His residential work can be seen in the ornate Victorians at 1900 Webster and 1804 Broadway. Henriksen also entered architecture competitions and won several prizes for building the Scandinavian Association, the Red Men’s Hall and the Girls’ High School.

He grew up at 328 Kearny, a few blocks away from 702 Washington Street, where respected French architect Prosper Huerne had an office. Henriksen became partners with Huerne in 1875, and worked with him until opening his own practice in 1881. Ten years later he became partners with William C. Mahoney and formed Henriksen and Mahoney. It was in this partnership in 1893 that Henriksen was contracted by the City of San Francisco to build three firehouses.


Bernhardt E. Henrikson

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