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All throughout the day the men had to take care of the horses and respond to fires. Regardless of whether or not there was a fire, the firemen were required to exercise the horses once a day for at least one hour by jogging them around the neighborhood, “to cover a distance of about five miles” . This was a time when the firemen and horses mingled with the local communities; children especially enjoyed seeing the firemen and often brought treats for the horses. The men enjoyed these excursions into the neighborhood as well, and gladly showed off the horses and chatted with the children. Horses were extremely well trained and could perform a variety of impressive tricks for eager audiences.
     Even after returning from a fire, firemen could not relax until they cared for the horses and re-setting cleaned the equipment. The horses had to be “cooled out”—jogged, sponged down, and then blanketed and fed for the night. The station had to be ready to respond to a fire at all times, and regardless of what time the men returned from a fire, they were required to set up the equipment and firefighting apparatus for the next day or fire.