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San Francisco Fire Department
Apparatus and Equipment Review

The majority of the apparatus that responded to emergency calls during the earthquake period performed well. Very little difficulty was noted with first-line apparatus, and the Bureau of Equipment made necessary repairs to keep apparatus in running condition. However, deficiencies were noted with reserve equipment.

1. Reserve engines, trucks and some specialized apparatus are old and are no longer reliable.

2. There was an insufficient number of relief or reserve apparatus.

3. There are only three hose tenders equipped with five-inch hose.

4. There is no reserve five-inch hose.

5. There is an insufficient amount of Heavy Rescue and Urban Search and Rescue equipment.

6. Apparatus from the San Francisco Fire Department Museum was placed in-service to transport firefighters.

Apparatus and Equipment Recommendations

1. The reserve fleet of engines, hose tenders and rescue units should be expanded by the San Francisco Fire Department

2. A transportable cache of Search and Rescue equipment should be acquired for both Fire Department and future volunteer use.

3. The inventory of equipment for in-service apparatus should be expanded to include such items as:

A. Air bags
B. Jacks
C. Pulleys
D. Personnel locator devices
E. Shoring equipment
Emergency Signals Review

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