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Emergency Duty Recall Signal Procedures Review

Imaginative use of the television and radio broadcast media and the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) in transmitting the Emergency Duty Recall Signal, and the ingenuity displayed by recalled personnel returning to San Francisco despite damaged freeways and fallen bridges, was outstanding. But the disaster did highlight weaknesses in recall procedures.

1. The Emergency Duty Recall Signal is dependent upon the telephone system and staff to make the calls.

2. Transportation alternatives for recalled personnel were not sufficient, given the size of the disaster.

3. Plans which called for helicopter transportation from Marin County did not work.

4. Plans for use of the commercial telephone system for personnel recall should be examined.

Emergency Duty Recall Signal Procedures Recommendations

1. Plans for emergency transportation of recalled personnel into San Francisco are being revised.

2. Agreements should be drawn up with available carriers such as ferry boat operators and helicopter services.

3. The current Emergency Duty Recall Signal notification system should be entirely reviewed and updated.

4. A new Emergency Duty Recall notification plan should become part of on-going in-service training.

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