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July 3, 1934

President Roosevelt's National Longshoremen's Board

Text of National Longshoremen's Board Statement

Casualty List from the Riot

Striker Found Dead in Auto

July 4, 1934

I.A. Vows to Keep Port Open

F.R. Board Wins Delay in Decison

July 5, 1934

"Bloody Thursday" Riot
S.F. Daily News Coverage

"Bloody Thursday" Riot
Chronicle Coverage

San Francisco Labor History

Policeman Hit in Nose During Argument Aboard Streetcar

An asserted striker hit a police officer in the nose aboard a Kearny st. [street]car today after an argument about the strike, and was jailed for disturbing the peace.

The man arrested was Carol Stein, 48, of 193 Fourth st. He struck Officer Jack Trainer.

East Bay violence included one man near death following a raid by strikers on an Alameda iron works, a striker found dead in his automobile, and Oakland police checking a report that an unemployed seaman had been killed in another East Bay strike riot.

Fifty strikers in 10 autos made a quick raid on the McClintic-Marshall Corp. plant at Webster and Tynan sts., Alameda, at quitting time as 100 shop workers were leaving. Clubs were swung, fists flew and two plant workers were severely injured before the attackers fled to escape police.

The injured men were T.W. Dacey, 50, reported near death from a fractured skull, and Harry Zocchi, 31, severe face injuries. Plant officials said neither was a longshoreman nor strikebreaker.

Steel for the San Francisco-Oakland bay bridge is being unloaded at the plant, without union longshoreman, it is said.

Found slumped over the week of his car, dead, Wayne Thor, 40, striking longshoreman, 1818 Stannage ave., Berkeley, was the subject of an inquiry by police, who, however, believed his death was due to natural causes.

Coroner Grant D. Miller announced an inquest would be held. Mr. Thor was found in his car parked at Ninth and Clay sts. [in Oakland]

The Daily News
July 3, 1934

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