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Presidio of San Francisco, California.

The Military Secretary,
Hdqrs. Pacific Division,
Presidio, San Francisco, Cal.


In connection with certain reports, in regard to the services of three enlisted men establishing a relief station at the foot of Jones Street, I have the honor to briefly state as follows:

I was me about dark one evening shortly after the earthquake conflagration by a Private in the Army who had with him a wagon. We were about opposite the Presidio bakery when he stopped and asked me if there was not some way in which he could obtain bread. Answering my inquiries he stated that, he and two other privates were in charge of about "three thousand Dagos" at Jones Street Dump; that he had found them there in need and had taken charge; that he had preserved order and obtained food, but now their supply was becoming exhausted and he had taken a wagon and started on an expedition to procure necessities. I was impressed with his earnestness and evident desire to do what was right under the circumstances. The bakery was closed and apparently no bread was obtainable at that time of night so I proceeded with him to the Presidio Dock where some relief stores were stacked up and loaded up his wagon giving him all the supplies he could transport. I subsequently spoke of the matter to Major Lea Febiger and asked him if he would not go to Jones Street Dump and investigate this case to see what they were doing. Subsequent reports appear to have borne out my estimate of this man's character at the time. He did not give me his name and I do not know which of the three men was the one making report to me.

Very Respectfully,

(signed) C.A. DeVol

Major & Q.M., U.S. Army,
Depot Quartermaster.

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