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August 20, 1906

To the

Military Secretary Pacific Division.
San Francisco, California.


In reply to the 7th Endorsement on my letter of June 22nd, 1906, to the Regimental Commander, 22nd Infantry, calling his attention to certain men of his regiment, whose actions I considered entitled them to special recognition; I have the honor to state as follows, in reply from the office of the Chief of Staff of the Army.

When inspecting on the morning of April 23rd, I found McGurty and Johnson in charge of this colony, issuing and guarding supplies. In reply to my inquiry of McGurty as to how they guarded their supplies at night, he said he and Johnson mounted post alternately every few hours, relieving each other as they could not trust the refugees. I then suggested that they secure another man to help them, as the work would wear them out. The next morning, the 24th, I found that Ziegler had joined them, and from then on he was associated with them. The addition of his services were much needed, but I was not told then, nor do I know now, how McGurty secured them.

Privates McGurty and Johnson alone established this station and colony, and were the ones who took the original initiative, and organised everything that I found, and though Pvt. Zieglers work was most necessary and of the greatest assistance, he is not entitled to as much credit as the other two, who showed such administrative ability and sound judgement, when everything was in a chaotic state.

Very Respectfully,

(signed) Lea Febiger

Lieut. Colonel 3d. Infantry.