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Frogs for the Sandwich Islands

A new industry has sprung up in the Sandwich Islands, and that it may thrive and prosper is the wish and prayer of every honest and virtuous citizen of San Francisco who does not wish to be croaked to death. It seems that this city was recently visited by Col. H. J. Hart, an eminent royalist of Honolulu, and while taking in the sights of the suburbs the gallant Colonelís ears were thrilled with the sweetest music he had ever heard on earth. At first he thought the angelic world of song was opened unto him, but after a momentís reflection he discovered that the music wasóbull-frog music. Now, it seems that there are no frogs in the Sandwich Islands, and for this very reason there is a perfect passion for them among the islanders, white and brown. They are looked upon there as canary birds are with us. The Colonel, having an eye for business was seized with a brilliant eye-dea, so he corralled 7,777 frogs, of both genders, and shipped them to Honolulu. He has distributed the creatures among the missionaries, newspaper men, diplomats, native chiefs, and other musical aristocrats. They are delighted with the presents, and, being well paid-for, Col. Hart has a good thing in his enterprise. By this time Honolulu must be a ravishing place for a deaf man.

San Francisco News Letter and California Advertiser
July 17, 1880