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Olympic Club Corner-Stone Ceremonies

I attended the corner-stone ceremonies of the Olympic Club last Saturday afternoon, and was disappointed. My expectations may have been too great, and my skin not accustomed to the scorching sun, but—that’s another matter. Where were the 1,300 members of the club? There were certainly not 500 of them present. What is the matter with the Olympians? They have the best gentleman’s athletic club in America, but do not seem to appreciate it. Here they had opportunity for a grand display, and to make a very favorable impression upon the public, but they did not take advantage of it. If the Olympians had marched into the enclosure, accompanied by the Native Sons, with flying banners, just before the ceremonies began, it would have had a fine effect. But they lost the opportunity. When I was leaving the enclosure, just after the corner-stone was laid, I saw several Olympians outside, looking inquiringly at the big fence, as if wondering what the whole affair was about. Again I ask: “What is the matter with the Olympians?”

The Looker On
San Francisco News Letter and California Advertiser
October 24, 1891