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San Francisco History by Year

1846-1864 — The Gold Rush Era

1865-1900 — From the Civil War to the New Century

1901-1930 — Great Earthquake to the Great Depression

1931-1965 — Depths of the Depression to the Summer of Love

1966-2000 — Summer of Love to the New Century

From the archives of SFMUSEUM.ORG
and other Internet sites.

Founding of San Francisco, by Edward F. O’Day
Ranch and Mission Days in Alta California, by Guadalupe Vallejo
Gladys Hansen’s Earthquake Alamanac 1769-1994
Vanished Waters of Southeastern San Francisco, by William C. Sharpsteen
History of San Francisco Gold Rush-era Street Names, by Henry C. Carlisle
Let Everyone Help to Save the Famous Hetch-Hetchy Valley, by John Muir
Chronology of San Francisco Rock 1965 - 1969