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Department Training Review

1. This disaster exposed the need for better disaster operations training. Cross- training with City employees, the public and Fire Department personnel in individual, group or cooperative disaster operations was lacking.

2. Those firefighters with formal Rescue Systems training were few in number.

3. The psychological effects of a disaster upon the public and emergency workers left many persons feeling they had not been prepared for this disaster.

Training Recommendations

1. The San Francisco Fire Department should increase participation FEMA's Integrated Emergency Management Course (IEMC) and appropriate National Fire Academy courses at Emmitsburg, Maryland, as well as courses at the California Specialized Training Institute (CSTI) at San Luis Obispo, to learn how to better coordinate disaster operations with other City agencies.

2. Urban Search and Rescue and Heavy Search and Rescue training should be obtained for all field personnel and training staff.

3. Members of the San Francisco Fire Department should receive training in the psychological effects of disasters upon the public, other emergency workers and themselves.

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