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The big fortifications at the entrance to the Golden Gate did not escape from serious injury during the great shakeup. The full extent of the injury sustained by the great works is as yet unknown, for nothing but a survey by the engineering corps can disclose the full extent of the damage.

At Lime Point the emplacements of the big guns have been cracked and twisted. The heavy concrete both on the floor and in the walls of the emplacements bear unmistakable evidence of having been given a bad shaking.

Conditions are said to be equally as bad at the fortifications back of old Fort Point. As it is now, the great 13-inch guns on both sides of the gate, constituting the main defense are practically useless. They weigh tons each, but their adjustment upon their carriages is as delicate as that of a watch. The earthquake destroyed this, and though the damage can be repaired, it will take considerable time and much labor before the big guns are in a condition to do the execution they were intended to work.

The Lime Point batteries stand out on an immense bluff towering hundreds of feet above the bay. The shock there was exceedingly heavy and is believed to have injured the fortifications at this point more than elsewhere.

San Francisco Examiner
April 24, 1906
Note: Lime Point, in Marin County, is the north footing of the Golden Gate Bridge. The south footing of the span arches over Fort Point.

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