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Biggest Meeting Ever Held Outside of London to Be Held.

New York, May 1—The Salvation Army has arranged the biggest meeting it has ever given outside of London for Sunday evening, May 13, at the Hippodrome for the benefit of the San Francisco sufferers. This will be part of its twenty-sixth anniversary congress, which will be held from Friday, May 11, to Wednesday, May 16, inclusive. Commander Evangeline Booth will conduct the big meeting and in it will “sing the song of love and tell the story of the broken heart.” This has been done before, but will be much extended for the big meeting.

A living cross will be formed as Miss Booth sings, and 260 women, wearing white, will come on the stage at intervals and arrange themselves in the form of a cross. They will be followed by army men in red uniforms, who will outline the cross, and they in turn will be followed by army officers in their dark uniforms, who will form an outer line around the cross.

Sunday afternoon a big open-air meeting, at which the whole local army will be present, will be held in Brooklyn, Monday, May 14 at 3 o’clock, the big new slum settlement house of the army will be opened. The congress will close Wednesday afternoon with a tea to the provincial officers.

Dallas News
May 2, 1906

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