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Women In The Police Department

The active workers among San Francisco’s women have resolved in Mass Meeting that certain of their number must be employed in the police department and have respectfully but very earnestly approached the Board of Supervisors with a view to that end. They think “the time has come and the need pressing for the cooperation and heroic aide of women ” They support that view by a set of resolutions that in some places rise to the plane of eloquence.

At first blush of the proposition, we confess to having realized somewhat of a prejudice against it, but were not long in perceiving the good there might be in it.

Upon reflection, we say “Amen” to the proposal. If women want to get in there, let them get in, by all means. Let them reach the upper office and be given an opportunity to master the detail of its splendid equipment.

Our good citizens have long desired to get at the secret of how that portion of the department maintains discipline in the right-royal style it does, and yet enables its officers to lay up treasures where neither moths nor rust appear to have much effect.

By all means let a women get in there. If anybody is ever to get at the secret of the serenity that pervades that hallowed place, where corruption never entered and purity established an abiding home, it will be reached by a woman, sure.

Give her a chance! If she did not soon set the other fellows by the ears, find out their secrets and tell them to an ever curious world, she would be a very exceptional representative of her sex. It would be amusing, as well as useful, to have her telling her experiences at mass meetings of the ladies, although it might prove destructive to an office, in which nobody so far dies.

The Secretaryship to the Commission is a position that hundreds of bright women could fill better than it now is, or ever has been... .

The more we reflect upon the subject, the more satisfied we are that the idea of having women in the police department is a good one.

San Francisco News Letter
November 30, 1895