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Mayor Rossi's Proclamation

1. The people of this community are hereby assured of food and protection under whatever measures are necessary to accomplish this purpose.

2. As Mayor of San Francisco, I do hereby declare that the existing emergency, as proclaimed by me on Saturday, July 14, 1934, requires and necessitates the enlargement of the existing functions, operations and personnel of the City and County Government which under my oath of office and in conformity with my previous public announcements I have undertaken to maintain, including the maintenance of law and order and the supplying of the necessities of life.

3. For these purposes and to maintain and uphold the government of this City and County and of the United States of America, as I am sworn to do, I do now and hereby call upon the loyal citizens of this community to cooperate fully with the military, police and civil authorities in the discharge of their duties and to express freely in their normal and daily communications with one another their sentiments and support of these constituted authorities. I further request from those who are so minded that they advise me of such specific forms of cooperation and aid as they may feel able to extend under my direction.

4. I do hereby extend publicly my thanks to the great number of citizens of San Francisco and the Nation who have, within the last 24 hours, or previously voluntarily announced their support of the policies which I as Mayor have publicly announced and to those other thousands of our citizens whose assurances of support have been conveyed to me in various ways.

5. The present issue being clearly defined I ask support only from those completely committed in their hearts to the American form of government, it being my intention that those who seek the destruction of this government shall find no comfort in this community.

6. It is my intention to organize immediately such committee or committees as I deem necessary for the above stated purposes.

Angelo J. Rossi
Mayor, City and County of San Francisco

This is the loyalty pledge taken by members of the Mayor's Committee in Support of Constitutional Authority and the Enforcement of Law and Order, formed after his Proclamation:

I affirm my belief in the American form of government and my allegiance to this government.

I pledge my support to the constituted authorities of our city, state and nation in upholding this government and in opposing all revolutionary attempts against it, and in maintaining order.

I will use my influence to encourage others to act in accordance with this pledge.

This I do of my own free will.

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