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Several greedy individuals yesterday disgusted the sober portion of the community, when the panic was at its height, by circulating so-called "extras," made up in the most part from imagination, which were calculated to increase the public excitement and add to the general injury. No other feeling than contempt was expressed by the people for those who endeavored to coin dimes from a public calamity.


The lengthy report of the calamitous event which occurred in this city yesterday, published in THE CALL this morning, has been collected by faithful and reliable reporters, who speak from personal observation. It will be found nearly correct in detail.


A gentlemen who was in the mountains near Pescadero yesterday morning, during the earthquake shock, describes the scene as fearfully grand. Huge redwood trees swayed like fishing-rods, and immense dead limbs detached by the violence of the motion, fell to the earth. Large pieces of rock were wrestled from the mass of the mountain, and in some instances rendered the road impassable. The waters of Pescadero Creek became muddy in a moment, and the surface was covered with large bubbles. These, when a match was applied to them, burst with a slight report and a small flame, showing that they were filled with an inflammable gas, that must have come from the bowels of the earth.

San Francisco Daily Morning Call
Thursday, October 22, 1868

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