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Women in War Work

A San Francisco woman was asked by the army authorities last week to undertake the laying out of beautiful gardens around the big hospital at Camp Fremont. She was told that convalescent soldiers from the battlefront probably are to be brought to the Menlo Park camp and that the beauties of garden beds and green lawns will help to cheer the wounded men.

She accepted the task enthusiastically and with a corps of women aids she already is busily planning to undertake the work.

Women in all walks of life are knitting day and night for the soldiers. Others are making surgical dressings and Red Cross supplies.

A number of women, some from San Francisco, have been called to fill important war posts.

All of which shows that the keen, sympathetic mind of woman is as greatly needed in war matters as in business and every other line of endeavor.

It proves, too, that women are as eager to aid their country in time of war as in time of peace, that they are ever ready to sacrifice and labor for humanity in general and their own country in particular.

Such service should convince the States without equal suffrage that woman has earned her right to vote and should induce them to give her the ballot without further delay.

March 9, 1918