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Victory for “Slats”

“Slats,” the oldest donkey in the children’s quarter of Golden Gate Park has a victory to his credit. He scored a decision the other day in a pitched battle with a bulldog. Success has made a new donkey of “Slates.” He no longer trudges along his course with drooping head. Instead, he runs as he never ran before and his head is poised high with an air of pride. It seems is if his four-legged comrades hail him as a monarch. It all took place one afternoon last week while children were frolicking about the playground.

D. Wooster Taylor, the genial superintendent of the children’s quarter, was busy at his desk looking over bills, when he head loud barking coming from the direction of the donkey enclosure.

Hurrying out, he found a big English bull barking and snarling at “Slats,” the oldest and slowest of the park donkeys. As “Slats” trudged along over the curse, a playful child on his back, the canine charged after him defiantly. It seemed as if “Slats” was too old to notice the invader and would take the insults without protest.

But Taylor was mistaken. The moment that “Slats” returned to the starting place at the donkey course and was relieved of his plump little charge, he eyed the dog angrily and moved toward him. One more of his foot and it was planted squarely on the jaw of the dog. The canine took the count as “Slats” walked proudly away, while a crowd of youthful admirers clapped their approval.

The Scout
By George Rutherford
The Wasp
December 7, 1918