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Schmitz Does a “Come-Back”

The election of Eugene E. Schmitz to membership in the Board of Supervisors has been taken very philosophically by a majority of the community. To some it was a complete surprise, but many were prepared for just such a result, and strange as it may seem, there was considerable money bet on him to win hands down. Of all those who deplore Schmitz’ election, however, Abraham Ruef, his erstwhile attorney and political adviser, is the only one who is actually sore. Ruef is real peeved. The former boss is enjoying his liberty on probation, but he is chafing at the restraint he is under by reason of the strings still held by the prison authorities. Moreover, he has always considered that he was the “goat” for all of the graft prosecution defendants. He was the only one who had to go to the penitentiary and half of his fortune was wiped out in defending himself.

Now just as he is moving heaven and earth for a pardon, and so far entirely without success, his old-time partner up and gets elected supervisor. Ruef can see the handwriting on the wall. He knows that Schmitz will make a formidable candidate for Mayor two years hence. Indeed when his three former triumphs at the polls are to be taken into consideration it must be conceded that, granted he holds the vote he accumulated this time, he may win in a walk-over.

But notwithstanding what may happen in the future, Schmitz has proven that he can do a “come-back.”

The Scout
By George Rutherford
November 17,1917