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Rolph A Life-Saver

If he is not already a member of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Mayor Rolph should be given some sort of an honorary membership.

He has starred of late in a little play all his own which might be entitled, “The Animals Shall Not Die.”

Buffalo and fish he has saved from death during the past week or two and this he did under more or less difficulty.

When the Park Commissioners decided that half a dozen aged buffalo must die to save the cost of feed, Mayor Rolph promptly came to their rescue to save them from the executioner. He has replied that these survivors of the great herds which once roamed the American plains must not go and, in consequence, efforts are being made to place them in the Yosemite Valley or in some other national park.

Half a dozen cities are asking for them. Where they will go has not yet been decided but it is certain that the death sentence has been lifted.

The buffalo question was still up in the air when Supervisor Charles Nelson decided that the water in the Civic Center fountains should be cut off to save power—electricity being used to pump the water.

For a day the water stood stagnant in the fountains and then the Mayor came to the rescue of the hundreds of fish which have been placed in the fountains by the State Fish and Game Commission.

He has ordered that the fish be kept alive at all hazards and, as a result, the fountains are playing again.

The Scout
March 9, 1918