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Reserved Seats at the Hotel St. Francis

Reserved seats in the lobby of the Hotel St. Francis are not a thing to be purchased by money or pull. Only the filtered gold of enduring fame, backed up by long occupancy and right of conquest, can gain this coveted honor in the dark pillared foyer of the gigantic hostelry.

Three San Franciscans only have qualified for this honor. Their names are displayed on the big upholstered armchairs facing the new desk at the St. Francis, where they can appraise and judge each visitor as he or she enters.

So if you happen into the St. Francis and see a big easy chair, upholstered in blue, with the name of Charles Josslyn, M. A. Gunst or Silas Simon attached thereto on a card, you will know that you are in the reserved section.

We will not expect to see moving pictures of the three celebrities reclining on their “thrones” in the magnificent caravansary while the ever-flowing crowds pass in review before them.

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November 17,1917