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Edward Bosqui Passes

Last of the charter members of the Bohemian Club, Edward Bosqui, in his 85th year, has passed to the beyond. He was a patron of art and literature, and by his kindly manner and genial companionship endeared himself to all his associates, who were from the beginning his friends. He was the leading spirit in the founding of the Bohemian Club, and the progress of the San Francisco Association of Art is due to his energy. He was one of the founders of the Academy of Science. His love of art was shown early in his patronage of Kieth, Tavernier and Wandesdorf.

Mr. Bosqui was born in Montreal and came to California in a sailing vessel in 1850. He was associated with the pioneer firm of Palmer, Cook & Co., bankers, and later was agent and secretary for General Fremont, who at that time had much property throughout the West. He is survived by eight children.

The Wasp
December 15, 1917