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The Duboce Tunnel

The Duboce Tunnel, a project to link downtown San Francisco with the Sunset district and costing 41,300,000, was officially contracted for on May 24 of last year. After completion in November, the tunnel will be used exclusively for streetcars.

Work on the enterprise proceeded smoothly, with civic groundbreaking ceremonies June 22, and by October 2, 1926, the shaft had penetrated to a depth of 1189 feet.

The final opening through tunnel, the occasion of the blasting being attended by city officials, took place March 12, 1927. Eight days later all of San Francisco joined in an elaborate dedication.

With Mayor Rolph presiding, the tunnel, paid for by the property owners of the Sunset district, was formally presented to the city in a speech by Dr. J. M. Toner, president of the Sunset Parkside District, Inc. The tunnel makes that district accessible and has increased its population tremendously.

August 15, 1927