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San Francisco Department of Public Works
Report on the 1989 Earthquake

by Richard Evans
Director of Public Works

The Miracle of the Earthquake
People, Places and Things
Post-Earthquake Building Inspection Process - Earthquake Planning Efforts
The E.O.C.
The Media
Training and the Real Thing
The Role of Public Works
The Marina Experience
Disaster Preparedness


The series of events that began at 5:04 p.m. On October 17th, l989 presented an unprecedented demand for services on the men and women of the Department of Public Works. The earthquake, the building crane collapse, and the fiery explosion in a downtown building on New Years Eve provoked varying levels of response, always professional, and always complete. People had to turn out at odd hours and under lots of stress, yet turn out they did. As this is written, we are still dealing with the results of the events cited above, and we are also dealing with the work needed to get the City back to normal. Conditions will never be the same, but the people of the Department of Public Works will always be ...


It is to these people that this journal is dedicated.

May 4, 1990

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