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Will Contribute to Relief of All Suffers Alike.

New York, April 24. – The Chinese Merchants' Association met last night and discussed the best means of affording aid to the San Francisco sufferers, especially the Chinese. Shah Kaifu, the Chinese Consul, was present and read this telegram, received on Sunday night, from Consul Chung Pao Hsi of San Francisco.

"Chinatown is entirely destroyed and our people are in great distress. Send whatever money you can collect for our people to Chin Fook & Co., 373 Ninth street, Oakland.


In addition to the $2,700 handed over to the [New York City] Mayor's relief fund committee, the Chinese expect to raise at least $3,000.

"It was grand of President Roosevelt to take upon himself to see that everyone shared alike in the relief," said Consul Shah. "It is only another proof that he is a friend of all mankind. We can not be less generous with our contributions than he with his wise counsels. I believe that whatever aid the Chinese of New York should give should be divided up among all sufferers. It is wise to turn the contribution already raised over to [New York] Mayor McClellan and the committee can not do better with what they get in the future."

The question of the disposition of the future funds was not decided, but it is likely that the committee will follow the advice of the Consul. The Chinese have made it plain that the aid from them is not to be confined to members of their own race.

The Associated Press
From the Texas "Dallas News
April 24, 1906