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San Francisco Fire Department

Your attention is hereby directed to the following orders to Captains of Companies, and you are instructed to bring them to the attention of said Captains, and also to see that a copy thereof is inserted in the House Journals of their respective Companies.


Captains of Companies shall prepare a blanket application to be personally signed by each member of their respective Companies, and addressed to the Board of Fire Commissioners, stating the manner in which they desire to take their general leave-of-absence from duty without pay, the same to be their formal application therefor.


Captains will be notified of the number of days that each member not on extended leave of absence must lay off during each month in order to keep the salary roll for such month down to the amount allowed, and they shall arrange the lay-off of each man, together with the vacation of three days per month that is allowed with pay, in such a manner as to keep seven men on duty at all times in Engine Companies, Nine men in Truck Companies and three men in Chemical Companies.

Members desiring an extended leave of absence in any month shall apply for the same at least one week before the beginning of the month, otherwise they will be required to furnish substitutes at their own expense.

Members who are laid off without pay in their regular turn can act as substitutes for other members who may lay off out of their turn, and in such cases shall be paid by the members whose places they take for the time they act as substitutes.

When substitutes are required, members of the Department who are laid off shall be given the preference for work over substitutes who are not members.

The above orders will be in force on and after July 1, 1906, at 8 o'clock A.M.

By order,

P.H. Shaughnessy
Chief of Department

San Francisco,
June 26, 1906

To Battalion Chiefs and Acting-Battalion Chiefs,
San Francisco Fire Department.

In order that the provisions of Section 5 of Rule 16 of the Rules and Regulations of the Department may be continued to be observed in Engine Companies wherein but seven members will be on duty it will be required that the Engineers thereof be assigned by the Captains to one of the two late watches, and you are hereby directed to see that his order is put into effect by said Captains of your respective Companies on and after July 1st, 1906.

By order,

Chief of Department

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