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It is believed in this city that reports were sent East to the effect that the Chinese were being neglected in the work of relief. If so, never was there fouler slander of an unfortunate community. One of the first committees formed was for aid to Chinese under chairmanship of the Rev. Dr. Filben of the Methodist Church, and one of the most effective men in the ministry of any denomination on this Coast. From the first the Chinese have had more assiduous attention than any other people among us, for the reason that they were less able than others to care for themselves. Chinatown was obliterated, but measures are already in progress to restore it in another and better location, but where it will not be a showplace in the middle of the city. In the meantime the Chinese are being concentrated on the North Beach, from whence they can be moved by water to their permanent location.

San Francisco Chronicle
Editorial Page
April 26, 1906