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VALLEJO, April 27. --The members of the local Fire Department are doing all in their power for the injured city firemen now in this city. E. Cosgrove of Truck 8, San Francisco, was a patient at the Naval Young Men's Christian Association home for several days. He left for St. Helena yesterday. Cosgrove was in a critical condition when he was brought to this city, but is now on the way to a speedy recovery. Frank H. Shade of Engine 5, and Walter P. Cline of Engine 9 are still in this city, but their condition is not serious. Gabriel Woods of Engine 20 is critically ill at the Naval Hospital on the yard.

San Francisco Chronicle
April 28, 1906


George Wells, a fireman stationed at engine-house 12, is dying from the effects of a crushed leg. He was one of the most valiant fire fighters during the great conflagration, but was injured and taken to the Harbor Hospital. Later he was removed to the hospital on Goat Island and given the best of care, but gangrene set in after amputation of his left leg, and it was reported that he was dying. His wife and mother were with him.

Twenty-four patients from the Harbor Hospital, including Wells, were removed to Goat island, under the care of Dr. Parker of the Navy, all of the patients having been seriously injured in this city.

San Francisco Chronicle
April 30, 1906

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