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Just after the earthquake of April 18th, the Fire Alarm and Telephone system being out of order I received verbalent instructions from Battalion Chief Conlan to report immediately at the quarters of Engine No. 30. After arriving there we received a still alarm of a fire on Oak St., near Stanyan St. caused by the lighting of a fire in a defective chimney which had previously been broken by the quake. We also received orders from Chief Dolan to patrol this district and inform the residents that under no circumstances should they attempt to light a fire as practically all brick chimneys in their houses were in such a condition after the quake that it would be dangerous, and in case a fire started it would be impossible for us to extinguish same as no water could be obtained from the hydrants.

Shortly after this I proceeded with my company to the scene of conflagration was ordered by Chief Dolan to place my Engine at the hydrant in front of Jefferson Square on Eddy St., near Octavia St. We secured a very small amount of water. Afterwards I changed my location to the northwest corner of Franklin and Ellis streets, and worked my stream half-way between Geary and Post streets, in company with Engine No. 23, until it was brought under control and checked. I was then ordered by Chief Shaughnessy to take up my hose and proceed to Sacramento and Franklin streets and couple my hose on the end of a double-up line leading down Sacramento Street to Van Ness Ave.

After working in this vicinity for sometime I was again ordered to disconnect as they were going to dynamite a building on the northeast corner of California and Franklin streets. During this time I had occasion to try a hydrant situated on the corner of Hyde and Ellis streets, and endeavored to obtain water but could not do so in this vicinity; owing to the impossibility to secure any water from the hydrant. The fire got beyond our control. It was then I reported to Chief Dougherty who ordered me back to quarters. I arrived at my station at 4 a.m. April 20th. 1906, being continuously on duty for forty-five hours.

(signed.) John Fay, Captain Engine Co. 22

Thomas I. Kelley, Lieutenant Eng. No. 22.
F.S. Hall, Engineer
M.J. O'Connor, Driver
J. C. Mahoney, Hoseman.
Jos. Bailey, Hoseman

[spaces left for the names of the stoker and an additional hoseman in this report were blank.]

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