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On the morning of the earthquake April 18th, 1906 our Company first removed the horses and apparatus to a place of safety in the street, from where we responded to a still alarm at 22nd and Mission streets. Arriving there we found Lippman's Drygoods Store on fire, and took the hydrant on the corner of Bartlett and 22nd streets, but could get no water; therefore we canvassed the neighborhood testing all hydrants but were not successful in obtaining water until we reached Valencia and 22nd streets. We worked under directions of Battalion Chief McKittrick and with the aid of other Companies were able to extinguish this fire at 12 midnight, April 18th.

Our next move was to Hayes Valley where we reported to Chief Dougherty who sent us to Laguna and Oak streets, but finding three engines in line from that hydrant we searched the neighborhood for water but were unable to obtain any. Battalion Chief Dolan directed us to the corner of Gough and Eddy streets and in connection with Engine Company No. 24, we led a line to the corner of Gough and Grove streets, fighting the fire at that point under the command of Battalion [Chief] Maxwell. We fought the fire in this vicinity for sixteen hours finally saving the corner of Gough and Golden Gate Ave.

On April 19th, at about 4 a.m. we were ordered to Fifteenth and Shotwell streets, reporting to Battalion Chief McKittrick. We were able to save the East side of Shotwell Street, north of Fifteenth St. and worked in this vicinity until three p.m. of April 19, 1906. Finding water at Fifteenth and Valencia streets, we led down to Mission St., fighting the fire at that point, but finding the pressure inadequate we removed to Eighteenth and Howard streets, connecting with a broken main.

We next endeavored to obtain water at Church and 20th streets, but finding other Companies in line at this point we assisted in this vicinity until the fire was extinguished on Twentieth Street. We were finally ordered to our quarters at 11 a.m. April 20, 1906, having been in duty 53 hours.

S & P. [initials of Schindler and Platt, investigators for attornies]

(signed) Daniel Newell, Capt.

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