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E X E C U T I V E     D E P A R T M E N T

Sacramento, June 18, 1906

S i r : I am greatly chagrined to find that, in my message to the extraordinary session of the Legislature, I neglected, for some inexplicable cause, to officially call attention to the fact that the thanks of the State of California are due to yourself and the officers and men under your command for the very prompt and efficient assistance and services rendered to the military and civil authorities of California during the very distressing period that followed the earthquake in San Francisco.

The omission from my message of this justly due recognition and thanks dawned upon me only to-day; and I, therefore, hasten to assure you that it was entirely unintentional, though perhaps inexcusable, and to tender to you and, through you, to the officers and men under your command, my apologies therefor.

I have ventured to also express, in a letter of even date herewith, my regrets and apologies to the Secretary of the Navy, and have requested him to make such announcement thereof as the regulations and discipline of the Navy will permit.

No one could appreciate more than myself the services and aid rendered to us by the officers and men under your command. And I, therefore, regret, more than I can express, the blunder that gave that appreciation no official utterance. In consonance therewith and as a tardy reparation therefor, I venture, even at this late date, to tender you and the officers and men under your command my official and personal thanks for the very efficient and very great aid you and they rendered us in our hour of greatest need, and to also express my personal and official apologies for the inexcusable oversight which kept them from appearing in my message to the Legislature.

Very respectfully,
Your obedient servant

(signed) George C. Pardee

Governor of California

Admiral C.F. Goodrich, Commanding Pacific Squadron,
c/o Mare Island Naval Station, Mare Island, Cal.

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