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Order Governing Conduct of Civilians

FORT MASON, CAL., April 22, 1906.


1. The regular troops including the United States Marine Corps, on duty in the city of San Francisco, will control all of Golden Gate Park, all the territory north and east of Golden Gate Park along H street to Stanyan, along Stanyan to Oak, along Oak to Fillmore, along Fillmore to Bush, along Bush to Powell, down Powell to Market, along Market to First, along First to include the Pacific Mail dock.
2. This territory is divided into six (6) districts and troops assigned with location of districts, headquarters as follows:


To include all ground north of Golden Gate Park between the beach and Devisadero street, including the Presidio reservation, but not including Fort Miley.
Headquarters at the Presidio, San Francisco, California.
Commanding officer, Colonel Charles Morris, Artillery Corps. Personnel of command, the Coast and Field Artillery on duty in the city of San Francisco and at the Presidio of San Francisco, California.


To include all ground north of Union street and between Devisadero and Hyde streets, including also all of Fort Mason reservation, except the post proper.
Headquarters at Fort Mason, California.
Commanding officer, Colonel Reynolds, Twenty-second Infantry.
Personnel of command, all that part of the Twenty-second Infantry now on duty in the city of San Francisco.


To include all ground bounded as follows: Hyde, from the bay south to Bush street, thence on Bush east to Powell, thence on Powell south to Market, thence on Market northeast to First, thence on First southeast to water front, thence along water front to foot of Hyde street, not including wharves.
Headquarters at Portsmouth Square.
Commanding officer, Colonel Marion P. Maus, Twentieth Infantry.


To include all ground bounded by streets as follows: Beginning at the corner of Devisadero and Union streets south on Devisadero to Oak, west on Oak to Fillmore, north on Fillmore to Bush, east on Bush to Hyde, north on Hyde to Union, West on Union to Devisadero.
Headquarters at 2040 Broadway Commanding officer, Lieutenant- Colonel Lincoln Karmany, United States Marine Corps.
Personnel of command, all of the United States Marine Corps on duty in San Francisco.


All of Golden Gate Park.
Headquarters at the Park Lodge.
Commanding officer, Major G. W. McIver, Fourth Infantry.
Personnel of command-two companies of the Twentieth Infantry and one troop of the Fourteenth Cavalry.


To include the wharves between Forth Mason wharf and the Pacific Mail Dock, both inclusive: in charge of the navy.


Headquarters at Fort Mason Reservation
Commanding officer, H. C. Benson, Major Fourteenth Cavalry.
Personnel of command - two troops of the Fourteenth Cavalry.

Each officer designated in this order as a district commander will establish his headquarters immediately at the point designated and will distributed the troops under his command so as best to protect the property and keep order in his district.

The chief signal officer will as soon as possible connect each district headquarters with division and department headquarters by wire communication.

At a conference with the Mayor of San Francisco, California it was concluded that normal conditions should be established as soon as possible.

1. To accomplish this district commanders will instruct the troops under their command to prohibit the seizure of all vehicles of transportation by all persons within their district unless they have a written order signed by the Mayor or the division commander and dated April 23, 1906, or later.

2. Lights are authorized between sunset and 10 p.m. In case lights are burned after this hour sentinels will investigate quietly and inform the occupants that orders require lights to be extinguished at 10 p.m.

3. In houses no fire will be permitted in stoves, grates, furnaces or other fireplaces having exit through chimney flues unless the occupants of the house hold certificates issued by authorized inspector showing the chimneys in proper condition. The importance of this provision is emphasized by the fact that no effective means are at hand for stopping fires. Oil stoves may be used.

4. All persons except suspicious characters will be permitted to pass sentinels without interruption, provided they are orderly and do not destroy or otherwise molest or misappropriate property not their own.

5. The division commander desires to impress upon troops the importance of temperate action in dealing with the unfortunate people who are suffering from the awful catastrophe that has befallen them. He desires also the assistance of the people for whom every possible effort is being made and whose forbearance already bespeaks their courage under circumstances impossible to fully comprehend without experiencing them. In spite of their unfortunate condition we must ask their cooperation and assistance.
Food supplies, tentage and blankets are beginning to come in very rapidly, and in a very few days, it is believed that sufficient supplies of all kinds will be regularly distributed daily for the absolute want of all.

It is particularly requested that no person permit himself to receive more of any kinds of supplies than are absolutely necessary.

Our greatest danger in the future may be expected from unavoidable sanitary conditions, and every person is cautioned that to violate in the slightest degree the instructions of the sanitary officers would be a crime that could have no adequate punishment.

By command of Brigadier-General Funston
Colonel, General Staff,
Chief of Staff


S. W. DUNNING, Military Secretary

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