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San Francisco, October 3, 1906.

To His Excellency
   Theodore Roosevelt
      President, United States
Dear Sir:-

Shortly following the terrible calamity that beset our city in April last, it was my earnest intention to address to you as the Commander-in-Chief of the United States Army, a few lines in commendation of the valuable service and assistance rendered this community during the conflagration that nearly destroyed our entire city, by Brigadier-General Frederick Funston, who was then in command of the United States troops stationed here, but ill health, which has since necessitated my retiring from active service shortly after that time has prevented my taking the liberty of so doing until the present time.

General Funston, with whom, in my then official position of Acting-Chief Engineer of the San Francisco Fire Department, I had the pleasure of coming in contact with during the time referred to, proved a man of ever ready resources and prompt and effective action, qualifications that were greatly appreciated during these trying times, and to General Funston and the men under his command all credit is due for their splendid efforts on that occasion, and our government is truly to be congratulated on the possession of such worthy and competent officers in its army.

Very respectfully yours,

(signed) John Dougherty
Retired First Asst. Chief Engineer, S.F.F.D.

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