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45 PO. B. KO. 43 paid 5 Ex.

New York, April 19, 1906

Secretary of War Taft,
Washington, D.C.

Informed by telegraph companies that wires are in operation but transmission of news forbidden by Military censorship. Must protest as thousands of the friends of stricken people are eagerly awaiting news and delay is causing them great distress.

    W.R. Hearst,
    Editor, N.Y. American and Journal.
6:45 p.m.

T E L E G R A M.

War Department,

To W.R. Hearst,
New York.

Your information that there is a military censorship on the transmission of news is incorrect. I received a despatch from General Funston this morning saying that he is not interfering with the sending of any despatches. He says, however, that the confusion is so great that it is impossible now to locate individuals for the delivery of despatches, or for the giving of information in respect to them.

    W. H Taft
    Secretary of War

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