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Mayor Schmitz wanted the Army to remain in San Francisco until September 1, 1906 to assist with relief operations. Though General Greely seemed to agree with Schmitz in person, in confidential memoranda to William Howard Taft, he wrote that the escalating Red Cross scandal and the looming graft trials were sufficient reasons for the Army to leave San Francisco, which it did, on July 1, 1906.
25 PO. KE. KO. 105 D.H. 1 Ex.
San Francisco, Calif., June 14, 1906

Hon. W. H. Taft,

Secretary War, Washington, D.C.

The Army has proved itself of such invaluable assistance in systematizing and executing the work of relief that the citizens of San-Francisco are most desirous that it be allowed to remain, as at resent in charge of relief work, beyond the date fixed by General Greely for its withdrawl July first. I have conferred with General Greely and he states that it is agreeable to him to comply with the wishes of the citizens of San-Francisco provided the Secretary of War has no objections. I respectfully request that the Army be continued in its present usefulness for at least sixty days beyond July first.

E.E. Schmitz,


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