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1 NY. GI. FD. 54 Paid Gov't - 4:07 p.m.

Fort Mason, San Francisco, Calif., April 27, 1906.


In order to prevent possible disturbance, I respectfully request that federal forces be continued to assist as has been done since the destruction of city of San Francisco and other local cities by earthquake and fire. The legislature is not in session and cannot be convened forthwith.

Geo. C. Pardee,

2 NY. GC. FD. 122 Paid Gov't- 4:18 p.m.

San Francisco, Calif., April 27, 1906.

Washington, D.C.

While there is and has been no disorder in San Francisco I agree with General Greely that Federal forces will be needed here for some time to supervise distribution of relief, supplies, and as a help to State forces in preventing possible future disorders. Federal forces have been of inestimable value and their presence is greatly appreciated and desired. State troops have been on duty from beginning and have rendered most valuable services. General Greely assures me that he has no complaint against them and they are acting in entire harmony with him. Owing to destitute situation of so many people relief will have to continue some time. Am in close communication with General Greely.

Geo. C. Pardee,

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