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A 9 NY LE F paid Night Govt.

Fort Mason, San Franciso, Calif., Apl. 29, 1906.

The Military Secretary, War Department,

Washington, D.C.


Dr. Devine myself and many others consider situation unfortunate relative to relief methods which have resulted largely in demoralization. Repeated cases of duplication diversion and theft have occurred, difficulty is experienced in obtaining workmen from large numbers who are being fed by volunteer stations which are drawing supplies from general fund. Rigid supervsion will be enforced doubtless causing complain from disappointed applicants. Assertions are made often verbally and today in writing alleging discrimination particularly outside of San-Francisco where army has no control. Governor promises co-operation however, and improvement therein is expected consider prospective conditions most difficult from financial standpoint.

Only seventy six car loads of supplies available at Oakland and sixty seven others west of Ogden on Southern Pacific conditions on Santa Fe road unknown. Counting everything in sight prospective provisions remain for fifteen days which by reductions or added today may possibly cover three weeks. Understand that some uneasiness obtains in finance committee over future prospects.

Every effort being made by me to reduce heavy expenses and at Dr. Devine's request am taking over certain transporttion work reported as extravagantly and inefficiently administered. Wagons are continung robbed largely by connive. Secretary Metcalf advises putting soldier on each wagon which is impossible with present force.

Dr. Devine urges strongly and my opinion concurs that everything be spent in sending promptly officers and troops required will save dollars in supplies and reduce length of charity extended. Visited personally today every military district but one and speak from careful and thorough discussion of situation and prospects with district commanders.

Greely, Major General Commanding.

7 27 a.m:

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